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Sugaring Tips

What you should know before your first appointment and what to expect in between services.

1.) EXFOLIATE! PRE-Sugaring- at least one week before sugaring services it is highly recommended to exfoliate. This helps surface any current ingrown hairs and aids in having a quicker service time.

POST-Sugaring- 3 to 4 days after sugaring services, start exfoliating daily! NUMBER ONE PREVENTATIVE against ingrown hairs, hair bumps, and skin irritation. We recommend our homemade organic cane sugar scrub (sold exclusively at Essexville Sugar Shop or our Saginaw location) OR a rough loofa/washcloth/dry brush.

2.) BEFORE HAVING SUGARING SERVICES! We will need minimum two weeks hair growth after fresh shave. SHORTEST hair must be 1/4 inch long. (Grain of rice, PASSED stubble point)

3.) Female Clients* If your cycle starts, we are still happy to take care of Brazilian and Bikini services. We ask that you put in a fresh tampon right before services.

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